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Yesterday:  home from an epic week at work, completely exhausted and miserable.  Coffee, adrenaline and sheer bad temper kept me going for 13-14 hour days.  Hated life, job and everyone.  Crawled into bed feeling completely sorry for self. Nobody understood me. Nobody appreciated me. Nobody realised how wonderful I was. Nobody loved me.  A little ball of hatred and misery.

Today: Took the day off,  woke late, ate breakfast in bed. Sunshine outside – face up, eyes closed and warmed by the sun. Drank a latte slowly. Had leisurely meandering conversation with a loved one.  Watched people’s faces and listened to their  conversations. Good news from friends. One got a job with a major business, the other who has suffered much in their life, was made a director in their firm.  Found a book I really liked. A stranger was extraordinarily kind to me.  Saw a lovely movie. Ate delicious food in the balmy evening.

Laughed at my yesterday self. Now going to bed beaming, partially due to the large glass of Sauvignon with dinner, but mostly due to the good things in life. (and perspective)

Life is like that.