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I am, like many, a foreigner in the independent republic of Londistan. I love living here. Even though sometimes I feel that I spend my life like a lemming in tunnels under the city. Or in queues. Or standing, waiting…But then I simply remember my favourite things and I don’t feel so bad. (thanks Julie Andrews). People who are different to me, sitting in a bus and listening to different languages, beautiful food, sunshine and grass in the park, Holland Park, old men playing chess, attitude, aggression, South Bank, theatre, city politics, opportunity, luck (good and bad), money, poverty, turning a corner and finding yourself in a place you never knew existed, anonymity, freedom, speed of life, good coffee any time you need it, bagels with salt beef in out-of-the-way places in East London, falafel in Shepherd’s Bush market, being able to buy things like yams, free art, architecture, alternative lifestyles, the river like an artery, the sudden glimpses of kindness of strangers, the homeless, the grandness of the past captured in monuments, and coming back from somewhere else in a plane and seeing the lights of London below you and feeling ‘I’m home’.


Posted April 20, 2012 by mshambainlondon

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  1. Thanks for following, you’ve got a great blog here.

  2. So perfectly put!

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