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Have to confess this somewhere. I am addicted to twitter. My phone is permanently attached to my left hand and my right one constantly taps the screen. This, from a woman, who, until last year, did not ever own an android phone.

I have tried filters, allowing myself 30 minutes a day and even cold turkey, but like a true addict, pretend to myself and cheat.

I am in a daze. I can easily lose two hours on twitter and not realise it.  I lose focus. Last week I was queuing at a store to try on a dress and the assistant had to wave her hand in front of my face to bring me back to earth.

I have analyzed myself. I realise what I am doing. But the news is so immediate! And I know what is happening before everyone else! And I and my fellow addicts communicate with each other in 140 characters, and we bond and follow each other and develop ‘in’ jokes. What to do?


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