Blackberries (and maybe maggots)   2 comments

I am in the countryside far away from London, just about as far as you can get before you drop off the edge and into the Atlantic Ocean. Where the underlying sound is silence. I find myself stopping at odd moments just to listen.

Yesterday I had fruit salad in the late evening while watching the sun set through biblical clouds and roll behind green hills.  I walked to the edge of the garden and picked wild ripe, black, shiny blackberries and added them to my fruit salad. They were delicious, tart and sweet at the same time. I did not wash them. I don’t think there were any maggots. If there were, I did not notice. But hey, they are just protein. Yum!


2 responses to “Blackberries (and maybe maggots)

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  1. and remember, there is a HUGE difference between organic country side maggots vs. contaminated city maggots. Organic maggots are probably the good protein 🙂 Keep eating those blacberries, with bonuses 🙂

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