Things that made me smile today   1 comment

Morning: A skinny and very tanned woman jogger in the park with a beautiful big shaggy dog. She looks very focussed, a power woman. They pass me by. The dog strains away from her and towards me. He looks me straight in the eye. I have never believed in ESP or anything like that, but this dog’s big eyes were screaming, “Help me!, Make this awful woman stop!” Doggie, this is for you! Owner, consider the doggie stroller.

Evening: A little old lady at the bus stop. Dressed as an Olympics Ambassador. The Olympics finished yesterday. She is like a lost soul standing alone, passers-by giving her curious glances. Maybe she enjoyed the Olympics so much, she got up this morning and thought she’d wear the uniform again, just for fun.


One response to “Things that made me smile today

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  1. ahhh, yes, now I remember. It was this picture that made me smile in the morning 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me another smile inducing writing 🙂
    Your posts and your comments are great! good enough reason for me to start following 🙂

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