Olympics – the good side   1 comment

I know I’ve been a bit negative, so this week I’ve really tried to look for the good.

And I’m pleased to say I found it.

London is full of lovely tourists. Walking down Shaftesbury Avenue at night towards Piccadilly is a pleasure. Watching goofy people wandering around eyes up, jaws down, taking photos, gawping, eating bad food from expensive touristy restaurants, sitting on the steps of Eros, taking photos, getting the way of locals. But it is lovely. The absolute pleasure they are taking in my adopted city makes me look at it anew through their eyes. When you live here for a while, the novelty fades and you become blasé about it all. But when you see large numbers of tourists goofing at the massive lanterns in Chinatown, or at the lions in Trafalgar Square, or surrounding a street artist, it makes you stop and stare and say, “Wow! That really is beautiful! I do live in a beautiful city. Aren’t I lucky?”

And the Olympic Ambassadors are lovely, wandering around on the tubes and streets, on their way to be nice and smiley and helpful to everyone. Every time I see one I go “Awww!” Their uniforms are a mixture of purple and pink and are truly vile in both colour and design. I have yet to see an Ambassador that is flattered by their uniform. What I really love about them though, is that they come in all shapes, sizes and ages. No discrimination, people who are 18 and people who look 68. People who bounce when they walk and people on crutches.  What a lovely idea to recruit thousands of volunteers to help people.

And most wonderful of all, there was so much hysteria about people not being able to travel to work because of the Olympics, anyone who can, has left town, meaning that it has actually turned out quiet and easy to travel. In the mornings the tubes are not full. There is little congestion. I’m not late for work. I would almost say that London is strangely and unexpectedly quiet.

(Drawaing by David Gentleman)

So, three really positive things about the Olympics. I hear that some local guys, one with massive sideburns, won some medals or something also. The locals seem to be happy with this!


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  1. Bradly Wiggins wins my 2012 sportsman of the year award!!! I LOVE that guy. Hope you also watched the Tour de France

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