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It is finally here. I remember when London won the bid in 2005. What a different world! The economy was booming, we were affluent and on top of the world.
And now the Olympics is here and it is a different time. People are losing their jobs every day. The numbers seeking help from food banks is increasing. The government has changed and is driving through a rich man, fat cat agenda where there are no people only ‘workers between jobs’, ‘consumers’ and ‘customers’. The poor and the illegal immigrant are increasingly being targeted as the cause of all the problems in the country by both the government and the media. They are easy targets, poorly educated or unable to vote.
There are surface-to-air missiles on the top of blocks of flats where the poor live in order to shoot down enemies of the Olympics. The army has been called in to police the Olympics because a fat cat multi-national, G4S, was given a multi-million pound contract to provide security for the Olympics, but completely failed to do so.
London feels like a police state right now. There are large parts of the East End that are completely blocked off to ordinary people.
Apparently there is a government taskforce that has been set up to police the use of words like ‘Olympics’, ‘London’, ‘summer’, and ‘2012’. Any business that is not an Olympic’s sponsor (by this I mean more multi-national corporations like McDonald’s and Coke), cannot use these words.
Jeremy (C)Hunt, the minister responsible for the Olympics has been in the media this weekend telling everyone to stop whingeing and be grateful.
With respect, Jeremy, eff off.

(Rant over. I will look for something a bit more positive to say about the Olympics at a later stage.)


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