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Well-known train station coffee shop at 12.20 pm, Friday:

Counter assistant girl: Are you on your way home now?

Me: No, but nearly there because its Friday.

Girl: Yay! It’s Friday.

Me: Are you off tomorrow?

Girl: Yes

Me: Isn’t Friday great? Are you nearly finished now?

Girl: Not until 9 p.m.

Me: Oh, that’s long. What time did you start?

Girl: 6 a.m.

Me: Wow! Your feet must be killing you. Do you have a long break though?

Girl (and other counter assistant) laugh: No,  it is only us today.

Me: Suitable shocked face.

Girl: And I got up at 3 a.m. this morning because of the bus strike. I am always so tired on Friday but even worse today. Normally I just go home and stand in the shower for a while and then sleep. Then I wake up and I don’t know where I am and I am in pain all day Saturday.

(Neither was British. Wonder how Ed Miliband’s Mandy, Gary, Barry and Holly will cope with this?)


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