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I love wine.

I am an old person but it still makes my head fuzzy,  brings a woozy smile to my face, makes me talk crap and sometimes tell people what I really think. I am a terrible drinker – which is good because it is cheap for me to get drunk. The only problem is that once I’ve had two glasses of wine, all I want to do is go to sleep. Which is embarrassing in social situations. It is not good for my social life or for my reputation. But at this stage of life, my reputation is not something I am too concerned about.

I am a bit drunk toninght and as I type and I am making loads of typing mistakes and trying to focus and correct them. I hope the spellcheck catches them all. Otherwise tomorrow I will cringe and swear off wine forever.

Wine. One of the great things in life!

Over to Henry Aldrich in Five Reasons for Drinking:

“If all be true that I do think, There are five reasons we should drink: Good wine a friend or being dry Or lest we should be by and by Or any other reason why.”


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