News roundup – 11/06/2012   Leave a comment

Here is a selection from the BBC Parliamentary report tonight: (a bit depressing overall)

Pasty tax, caravan tax and Granny tax – I’m not making it up.

Teresa May – really, really clever? really, really stupid? really, really scary?

Syria is like Bosnia says William Hague – no shit Sherlock. (But we are still not going to do anything about it he says)

Cable says Beecroft is shite – go Vince!

MOD plans to put surface-to-air missiles in East London back on the agenda – Greenwich and Tower Hamlets are the chosen people.  Da peeple is worried. Da feds is closin’ in. “There is no risk to the residents” says the Minister. “The army will engage with residents.” Uh-oh, run away now!

Dilnot proposals – I just like the word ‘Dilnot’ really.

And in the news:

“Nonsense!, There was no vast conspiracy with Mr Murdoch. I had no view at all on the £8m bid for BSkyB.” says moon-face Georgie Porgie O at Leveson. Now there is a face (and an outfit) you can trust.


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