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Almost at the 3/4 mark of Capital Ring today. I never realised there were so many hills with wonderful views around this city.  My collection of places to run to for perspective has increased markedly.

I also now realise that I seem to have unconsciously chosen to live in the flattest bit of London.

Today, beautiful meadows full of buttercups at Fryent Country Park and views all the way to the Gherkin from the top of Barn Hill. Also Welsh Harp Reservoir – never even knew it existed!

This is what I like most about this lovely walk around secret London. It is the constant feeling of surprise. It is so typically London. All my pre-conceived notions are shattered.  I was blown away by South-East London and now want to move there.

Today my silly notions about North London are already coming under fire. To me it has always seemed a concrete place, without character. Today I crossed over the A41 leaving Asian London and hit Hendon and realised I was in Jewish London. Once again, never even realised this existed. My favourite picture from today was three young teenage boys kicking a stone down a quiet street. ‘Naw bruv’ said one, ‘you’re not doin’ it right bruv. You’ve got to do it like this bruv.’  They were two Jewish boys with skullcaps and one Muslim boy in a white gown, completely oblivious to the mshamba staring. So London.


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