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‘Godfrey’s Hair Salon’ it says outside. Inside there is no Godfrey. It is run by a lovely busy little gay Irish guy called Rodney. In the back are Keely and Felicia. Keeley looks 18 but I later learn she has a 10-year-old son. Felicia is older and sporting a Croydon facelift. They are reading The Sun. It is the weekend of the Eurovision. The Sun is open on a page about Engelbert Humperdink, the UK’s singer this year. She is trying to explain to Keely, who he was and how he was a loverboy like Tom Jones in the 70s. Keely’s face registers disbelief. He looks like an old Elvis she says. We agree this is true and that Tom Jones has worn much better.

It is the queen’s jubilee next weekend. Felicia has been to the shop to buy large fake nails with St George’s Cross on them to celebrate. They were only £1.50 she tells us. And they come with glue.



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