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Did you ever have one of those off-the-wall conversations with a stranger where you are genuinely stumped for a response? A situation where you find yourself beyond the limits of your life experience?

I met a woman in a remote location on the edge of the ocean. We greeted each other. Made some polite conversation about our surroundings.

Woman: “I’m walking around England”

Me: “Wow!, that is great. I hope you are documenting it. It sounds amazing.”

Woman: “It is a prayer walk. I’m praying for England. God was telling me to do this. I think most of us would agree that England needs prayer. It has sort of…fallen by the wayside. Don’t you agree?”

Me: (thinking of Londistan life so far removed from England) “Mmm… Like a pilgrimage?” (grasping at a vague notion from my childhood, scrabbling frantically for solid ground)

Woman: “Yes, like a pilgrimage. I’m just going up to the church to pray now (pointing to a tiny rural church up a track) Would you like to join me?”

Me: ” Sorry I need to get back and I’m running late.” ( we are on the edge of a cliff, in the middle of the day, in the middle of nowhere on a Bank Holiday weekend) “Well, nice to meet you. Enjoy your church… and your walk.”

And off she went walking around England, praying for it. Lovely woman – fantastic notion- a bit mad!


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