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On both sides of the rough track, flat scrub grass spreads out with a slight upward incline in the direction I am going. Because of this I cannot see my destination. The end view that I know is there, is hidden. But I can feel it. I walk faster. I sniff the air and I even find myself licking my lips at one stage. I hurry along up the rutted track. And then I reach the top of the incline and the ocean explodes in front of me. Its vastness is almost incomprehensible. Almost too much to look at. I can feel its effect on me like a drug. That slow loosening of my jaw and brain. Infinite. The ocean is grey and hazy. The edges blend into a faint bluish-grey haze. Below me, running down to the top of the cliff is a field of bluebells and primroses. It smells of heaven. I drink in the glory from the top of the world and then half trot down the path to my little cottage on the edge of a cliff on the edge of the ocean.


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