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Train to the green place. Vast fields of velvety grass interspersed with startling flashes of yellow rape. Nervous wound-up London vibe gradually succumbing to mellow, slow, slow green land outside. The enforced passivity of a long train journey. Soothed by the voice of Garrison Keillor and Sven Lindqvist on my Ipod, velvet voices, the aural equivalent of the grass outside. Lethargy begins to set in. I can feel my body loosen up.

Arrival in country town. Everything is slower here. I begin by maintaining my London pace and find myself being slightly too loud, too aggressive,  too pushy for my environment. Then I find my old self, the mshamba. I find my pace, my place in this environment. Smile at people. Politeness. Talk to the bus driver. Slow walk. Lift eyes and look at surroundings.

Hills. Undulating view uncovered by concrete. Space.

Sitting on my backpack at a quiet bus stop waiting for the country bus.


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