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On my way home late at night I noticed an Asian man, woman and three children huddled in the doorway of a bank. Suitcases were piled up in the middle of the footpath in front of them. The woman was making eye contact with everyone. The man was sitting on the step, head between hands looking despairing. I slipped my eyes away from the woman like a real Londoner and walked past. But my native curiosity got the better of me and I turned back and looked. She smiled and took a step towards me. Uh-oh! I thought. Visions of evicted families and nasty landlords began to dance round my head. However, again I was so nosey I needed to find out what this was. They were an incongruous sight, this little family huddled in the streets of Holborn, late at night.

I smiled and asked if they were ok, cursing myself silently when I heard the words came out of my mouth. I was breaking the ‘don’t get involved’ rule of London.

She spoke very little English but we managed to agree that they were lost and cold. They were tourists from Thailand. She’d sent her young son (very small and skinny) to run around the streets of High Holborn and Theobald’s Road trying to find their hotel. She sent another of the kids off to find him and bring him back to talk to me. He was their interpreter. The idea of two little foreign kids running around Holborn late at night made me wince. When both children returned they had a printout with the hotel details. They were staying at the Citadines apartments. We trudged to the entrance with all the suitcases and children and we waved goodbye. (I had a lot of kindness shown to me in Thailand. It was a fair karmic deal.)


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