Exhaustion   Leave a comment

I am empty. I am drained.  I have nothing left inside me. I feel:

Someone described exhaustion to me as a vacuum cleaner sucking everything out of his head. I feel that.
I am tired of noise, people, talking, pushing people to do things,  negotiating, lists that are never-ending, people who always need something, emails saying please call X urgently, deadlines and politics and having to retain the facade of caring when all I want to do is lock the door, hang a big ‘Gone Fishing’ sign and crawl under the desk and sleep…
BUT it is a bank holiday weekend and I am going away to a part of the country that is green. I will be surrounded by green. It makes me feel different, almost physically. It soothes me, drains the stress and replaces it with mellowness and benevolence and goodwill towards all. My squinty red eyes, hunched shoulders, frowny face will all melt into a big mellow grin. I need a dose of my green quickly. Roll on Friday.


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