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A little old lady came into the cafe. She left her plastic bag at a table next to me. I agreed to watch it while she got some coffee.

When she came back she said, ‘You will have sweet with me.’ I said that I had just finished lunch and was full, but thanks. She began to rummage in her bag. I got up to leave. She looked up and said, ‘You cannot go, I have sweet.’ I hesitated. She continued to rummage.

She produced half a packet of own-brand rich tea biscuits and a tissue. She laid the tissue ceremoniously on the table and poured the rich tea biscuits onto it. She looked at me. I took a biscuit politely and thanked her and said that I had to go now. I raised the biscuit to my mouth to take a bite. She said, ‘Stop!’ Everyone sitting nearby was enjoying the drama. I stopped. She indicated that I should put the biscuit back on the napkin. She held out the biscuit wrapping to me, shaking it and saying I should put all the rich tea back into the wrapping. I did as I was bid. Then she handed me the half-packet of rich tea to take away. I put them in my raincoat pocket. It was a lovely moment.

I had a really long afternoon and evening at work. I finished at 11.00. I was tired and starving. I put my hand in my pocket and found the biscuits. I ate them. Thank you little old lady!



Posted April 25, 2012 by mshambainlondon in Curious incidents, Food, Uncategorized

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