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I am really tired. I have worked a 60 hour week.  My shoulders and neck ache. But I cannot sleep.  I have no TV. I have decided the switchover was my opportunity to escape bondage. I have withdrawal symptoms. I am twitchy. My teeth are clenched. My eyes keep drifting towards it. It stands in the corner of room, looking at me mutely, accusingly. I am listening to world music on BBC3 and trying to pretend I am not missing it. I tell myself I am not missing CSI or Britian’s Baddest Cops.  Now I can fill my life with useful, productive things and sort my messy life out with all that spare time….

Yesterday I allowed myself to watch 30 minutes of trashy comedy on IPlayer because I could not bear the silence. Today I went to the cinema.

But look at me now! Doing useful productive things like writing a new blog and pretending its not busy work to distract me from the absence. It is almost 1am.  I am at the denial stage. I hope it gets easier.

And I now need to get rid of the accusing monster in the corner. How does one get rid of a retro TV/Video combo anyway? Who would be seen with one of those things? I have a strange feeling that I may have a problem here and the monster may very well end up sitting there staring at me for some time.


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